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Fluval Venezia 350 Corner Aquarium


Various Finishes

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Aquarium and cabinet

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Fluval Venezia 350 cabinets have reversible doors allowing the door colour to contrast with the body of the cabinet if desired.  The cabinet illustrated above is shown in silver but the doors may be reversed for a zebrano finish .

The Fluval Venezia 350 Corner Aquarium

The Fluval Venezia 350 is the larger of the Fluval Venezia models with a 350 litre capacity, more than ample for keepin both freshwater and marine tropicals.  It comes supplied with a T5 high output lighting system (2 x 24w tubes), a suitable 300 watt aquarium heater and the powerful Fluval 405 external canister filter system.  The lighting system incorporates an integrated timer to enable you to regulate the amount of light supplied to the tank quickly and easily.

The filter canister is housed in the aquarium cabinet and serviced via pre drilled holes in the tank base.  This minimises intrusion into the tank space and provides a tidy set up.  The canister is easily isolated to enable its removal for routine maintenance.

The dimensions of the Venezia 350 are;

Tank;                122cm wide, 87cm from front to back and 65cm high.

Cabinet;           122cm by 87cm by 70cm

Combined;       122cm by 87cm by 135cm

You can find out more about the Fluval Venezia 350 and, if you wish, order the tank and cabinet by clicking on the price above.  If you're in the market for a large corner aquarium, the Fluval Venezia 350 is a quality model which ticks all the boxes.  We think it's definitely worth considering.

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