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The Fluval Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium

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Natural Oak/Wenge* Finish
Aquarium and cabinet eBay price and availability varies

*the reversible cabinet doors are wenge (dark wood) coloured on the inside

The Fluval Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium

Less widely available nowadays, the Fluval Venezia 190 from Hagen is a well finished and attractive corner aquarium with a 190 litre/42 gallon capacity. The tank is served by the (supplied) Fluval 205 external filter unit and the base of the tank is pre-drilled to allow this to be fitted with the minimum of fuss. The external filter allows for more room inside the tank itself and the filter is kept neatly out of sight in the cabinet. If you don't fancy the external filter or want to replace it with an internal model at a later date, sealing plugs for the pre-drilled holes are included.

The tank is suitable for keeping both fresh water and marine tropical fish - as always fresh water fish are probably the slightly easier option but the really spectacular fish are generally the marines.

As mentioned above the cabinet comes with reversible doors so you have the option of an all natural oak finish or natural oak with dark wood doors depending on your preference.

All in all the Venezia 190 is a more than capable corner aquarium to brighten up a dull corner and provide hours of fascination. It won't have escaped your notice that superfically at least the Fluval Venezia 190 and Juwel Trigon 190 have marked similarities. You can find a discussion on one versus the other under the following link; Trigon 190 vs Venezia 190 (opens in a new window) but for what it's worth we think the less widely available but generally slightly cheaper Venezia 190 just edges it by dint of the included external filter.

The all important dimensions are (approx);

Tank; 98cm wide, 70cm from front to back and 58cm high.

Cabinet; 98cm by 70cm by 72cm

Combined; 98cm by 70cm by 130cm

Click on the links above to find more information and buy this corner aquarium. If you still need to know more please check out the Fluval Venezia 190 manual (opens in a new window).

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From; Peter Hallett

"Well here I am to clarify that valenzia 190 is indeed a great tank with its external filter which makes life so much easier, the leak of condensation does happen well it happened after 10 years of owning this tank and thats only due to people removing the top of the tank from glass causing room between the sealent to cause this problem, it has sctatches on glass now but aftet moving 5 times with it and the cabinet still holding its own, not bad at all, however my tank bought in 2004 the 22 in t5 have become obsolete and well buying a new light unit seems silly to purchase when its £150. When I can get full set up for £499 might seem a jump in price but it is worth it, had the beech effect now thinking about the black version, you can see the photo of my tank on my facebook wall with its night lights on, I know where my heart lies when it comes to a new tank, fluval valenzia all the way...."

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