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The Fish r Fun Cylinder/Column Aquarium

fishrfun 80l column cylinder aquarium black header image
fishrfun 80l column cylinder white aquarium header image
Capacity; 80 litres
Available in Black or White

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price and availability varies
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fishrfun 80l column cylinder aquarium black image
fishrfun 80l columb cylinder white aquarium image
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The Fish r Fun Column Aquarium

Style and Design
The spectacular cylindrical design of the Fish r Fun Column Aquarium makes it an ideal fit for a room corner in need of brightening up or a focal point.  The tank and casing are manufactured in tough high quality acrylic with the base and hood finished in high gloss black or white depending on your taste.  The tank has a volume of 80 litres which makes it suitable for coldwater fish or a good sized tropical community and the design makes viewing easy from any point within the room. 
The tank is supplied with an easy to use 10w LED lighting system for bright and efficient illumination of the fish, plants and decor.
Filtration is by way of a filter power head and tray trickle system with a 25w pump built into the hood.  The system is capable of pumping up to 1200 litres per hour.  There is in addition a 3w air pump powering a built in air curtain with a maximum flow rate of 180 litres per hour. 
Heating isn't supplied as standard.  If you intend to keep tropical fish you will need to equip your column aquarium with a suitable aquarium heater with a minimum power rating of 100w.
The overall height of tank, base and hood is 1400mm with a tank viewing height of 700mm.  The diameter is 400mm.
The Fish r Fun column aquarium is available from a number of online outlets.  Check out our price guide above.
Our Verdict
Thi Fish r Fun Column is certainly a departure from the normal aquarium style.  Although the cylindrical styling won't be for everyone it's undeniable that it will create a rather stunning feature in the corner of your room without taking up too much valuable space.

The positives first.  The tank comes complete with integral filtration, aeration and LED lighting supplied.  The filter is a trickle tray system built into the hood so it should be relatively easily accessible for maintenance with no guddling around inside the tank the way you sometimes have to with an internal filter.  The Flow rate of up to 1200 litres per hour should be sufficient to maintain the quality of the water as long as care is taken not to overstock the tank.  The water movement generated by the filter pump taken with the pre-installed air curtain with its 180 litre per hour flow rate will help offset the relatively low volume to surface ration of the cylinder.

The visual appeal of the set up isn't in doubt.  There's a glossy acrylic finish to the stand and hood available in two colours.  The acrylic used in the manufacture is tough and durable giving you peace of mind to safely place your aquarium in a corner of the room where it will form an eyecatching feature.  Unlike smaller cylindrical aquariums the 80 litre capacity coupled with the filter and aeration systems will allow a larger selection of fish to be successfully kept and this will certainly add to the interest the feature generates.

And on the negative side?  Well, in all honesty we think the aquarium probably fits more into the category of room decor rather than fishkeeping.  Although there's a reasonable amount of internal capacity, we think you'll find it tricky to construct an aquascape suitable for many tropical fish, especially those who tend to be territorial or who like to hide away at times.  You'll have to carefully select the species you keep if your venture into the cylindrical aquarium world is to be successful.  We also think that while the tank is at first glance spectacular, on closer inspection viewing of the occupants may be affected due to distortion generated by the curved design.  Access for cleaning algae from the acrylic looks as if it will be a tricky exercise too due to the depth of the tank - and remember any cleaning tools you may use will need to be suitable for use on easily scratched acrylic.

Acrylic is also open to damage by UV light which can lead to cloudiness and reduced clarity so make sure your tank is sited so as to minimise its exposure to direct sunlight.  This, of course, is good practice with all aquariums to reduce the accumulation of algae and to give you maximum control over the amount of light in the tank's interior.

So, in conclusion, we see both plus and minus points to Fish r Fun's 80 litre column aquarium.  But if you choose your fish carefully and are prepared to put in the work to maintain an aquarium of this type in a clean and healthy state you'll reap the reward of a stunning room feature which will certainly be a talking point.  It looks reasonably priced to us given that all the equipment you need (other than a heater) is included on an integrated basis.  We do think though that it's a fairly specialised taste and that this type of aquarium keeping has its own challenges.  Three and a half stars from us.
   striking column design

   good capacity

   integral filter, air pump and LED lighting
  small surface to volume ratio

  some viewing distortion

  heating not included
Our Star Rating
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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