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The Fish r Fun 68 litre Hexagonal
Corner Aquarium

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Capacity; 68 litres (14.9 imp gallons)

Combination Tank/Stand
Price and availability varies
pick up only
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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fishrfun 68l hexagaonal aquarium image
Price from £176.66
fishrfun 68l hexagaonal aquarium cabinet image
Price from £88.34

The Fish r Fun 68l Hexagonal Aquarium

Style and Design
The Fish r Fun Hexagonal Aquarium is an affordable tank manufactured in glass and plastic with a design well suited to the corner of a room.  It's available with a 68 litre capacity online in the UK from a limited number of outlets.
A 20w fluorescent lighting system with on/off switch is built into the tank's hood.  The latest models are equipped with LED touch control lighting.
The tank hood contains a three stage filtration system (mechanical, chemical, biological) processing the tank water through a filter sponge, activated carbon and finally 'bio balls'.
No heating is supplied as standard with this tank.  For a 68 litre tank we recommend an aquarium heater with a minimum 100w rating.
The dimensions are as follows;

Tank;   46cm by 41cm by 64cm (W x D x H)

Stand; 46cm by 41cm by 73.5cm

Combined; 46cm by 41cm by 134cm 137.5cm
The Fish r Fun 68 litre Hexagonal tank has limited online availability in the UK - check out our price guide above.
Our Verdict
This isn't a traditional corner design by any means but the Fish r Fun Hexagonal Aquarium will sit nicely enough in a room corner where a feature is required, especially where space is limited.  It features a reasonable 68 litre capacity suitable for housing a decent community of smaller species although if you're looking to keep tropicals you should note that heating isn't included as standard.  For a tank of this size and design a heater with a rating of 50w would probably do the job but we'd recommend 100w to be on the safe site, particularly in colder areas.

Other than heating, the required tank equipment is integrated into the design.  The hood features a 20w fluorescent lighting system which, while a little dated by modern standards, will provide sufficient illumination for a tank of this size.  You can see some amateur video of a stocked and decorated model here (opens in a new window).  There's a three stage filter built into the hood too.  The design looks efficient and the flow rate of up to 550 litres/hour is suited to the size of aquarium.

You may find a matching cabinet which has the advantage of being designed specifically for the tank.  Alternatively, the tank will sit nicely on a corner table or cabinet to match the furniture in your room.  If you do decide to place it this type of surface just make sure it offers sufficient support.  68 litres of water weigh 68kg - and that's not including the tank and equipment and any decoration.

There's not much more to say about the Fish r Fun Hexagonal Aquarium.  You can download an instruction manual here (opens in a new window) which will give you a good idea of the set up.  On the whole we think the tank looks a little angular but that's just personal preference.  On the plus side it has a good capacity and is sufficiently equipped for the type of aquarium it is.  Customer feedback is largely favourable too.

The obvious comparison is AquaEl's 60 litre capacity Hexa Set.  That model has slightly less capacity and the dimensions are a little smaller but there's really not much in it.  The Hexa Set however has the advantage of LED lighting and supplied heating and we find its curved lines a little more pleasing to the eye than the Fish r Fun model.  The Hexa Set is more widely available and the chances are that you'll find it at a more attractive price - be sure to check out our Hexa Set price guide to get an idea of what you might expect to pay.  For these reasons we think that unless you have a particular preference for the appearance of the Fish r Fun Hexagonal tank the AquaEl model is probably a better buy.  We've awarded Fish r Fun tank three and half stars.  It will do a job for you but we think it loses out on looks and heating - and lighting unless you can source an LED model.  Add half a star for LED lighting.
   good 68l capacity

   integrated filter and lighting

   purpose built stand available
  limited availability

  rather angular design

  no heating supplied
Our Star Rating
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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