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The Ferplast Dubai 90 Corner Aquarium

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The Ferplast Dubai 90 Corner Aquarium

Very difficult to find these days, the Ferplast Dubai 90 is a corner aquarium finished in quality materials which is, unfortunately, difficult to find in all its variations online in the UK. Of Italian manufacture it's available in three finishes, beech, black or walnut, to suit your taste. Although it is possible to purchase the tank and cabinet separately the manufacturer recommends that the supplied cabinet, which is purpose built to support the aquarium is used and we would echo this advice. Not only does the appropriate cabinet have a matching water resistant finish but it's constructed to support this particular tank which avoids any fitting or strenghtening difficulties which can arise with other cabinets whether bought separately or home made.

The tank is constructed of 8mm glass and fits neatly into the 180 litre (42 gallon) category and as such it's ideal for both freshwater and marine tropicals. It comes supplied with suitable lighting, internal filtration and the new Ferplast easily adjustable Blueclima heater. An added bonus is a timer facility which enables the lights to be switched on or off automatically at preset times. This cuts out the necessity to use an external timer for this purpose. As you would expect a manual on/off switch is also available.

Filtration is by means of the patented Ferplast Bluwave integrated filter system, an internal filter system specially designed with removable pads and bulkheads for simple maintenance. The filter system supplies three stage filtration - biological, mechanical and absorptive to ensure that even the finest particles are removed from the aquarium water. The filter unit can generally be placed according to your own requirements and is provided with a selection of suction cups and hooks for this purpose. Heating is amply supplied by the Bluclima 150 watt heater.

The dimensions of the Ferplast Dubai 90 are as follows;

Tank; 93cm wide by 66cm from front to back and 57cm high

Cabinet; 93cm by 66cm by 73cm

Combined; 93cm by 66cm by 130cm

If the Ferplast Dubai 90 corner aquarium takes your fancy just click on the links above for more information and to buy. If you need to know more you can check out the Ferplast Dubai 90 user manual.

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