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The Eheim Scubacorner 200 Corner Aquarium

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Black or Damson  Finish
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The Eheim Scubacorner 200 Corner Aquarium

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The Eheim Scubacorner 200 may not be the snappiest titled corner aquarium around but it's certainly one worth considering. You notice immediately that it differs in appearance from most corner aquariums on the market in that the largely universal bow front is replaced by a flat panel offset by two smaller flat side panels. This allows clear, undistorted viewing of the tank's inhabitants and is an attractive departure from the the norm.

The tank is robustly constructed in 8mm glass with a Black Anthracite finish while the cabinet is available in either Black Anthracite or Damson Heartwood, both as illustrated above.

With a capacity of 200 litres (44 imperial gallons) the tank fits neatly within the the mid size corner aquarium range suitable for both marine and freshwater tropicals. Filtration and heating are extras in this case and you have a choice of available filters and heaters ranging from the Eheim Jaeger Heater 3615/125w with Classic Filter 2213 to the top of the range Professional 3 Filter with integrated Heater. Somewhat confusingly Eheim have renumbered their filters and the range currently available with the original numbers provided for ease of reference are;

The Eheim Classic 250 (old number 2213)
The Eheim Ecco 200 (old number 2034)
The Eheim Professional 3/250 (old number 2071)
The Eheim Professional 3e 350 (old number 2074)

all for use with the Eheim Jager 125w Heater


The Eheim Professional 3e/350T Thermo (old number 2171)

which has an integral heater.

These are all high performance external filters which are contained within the cabinet below the tank.

The Aquarium is supplied with T5 lighting (2x 24 watt) contained in the Eheim-mp Varilux Aquarium Hood. This incorporates a permanent airflow feature in which allows constant ventilation between the hood and the surface of the water. This helps to maintain an even temperature and reduces condensation. In addition the interior is white in colour which increases light reflection by up to 40%. The hood is slimline in design - its height is only 8.5 cm - and it incorporates a opening for feeding along with additional covered openings to allow for routine tank maintenance.

The cabinet is solidly built and offers practical storage for all your aquarium bits and pieces as well as housing the external filter. The soft closing doors prevent the fish being startled when the cabinet is accessed.

The dimensions are as follows;

Tank: 75cm wide by 75cm from front to rear by 55cm high

Cabinet: 76cm by 76cm by 80cm

Complete unit; 76cm by 76cm by 135cm

In summary, the Eheim Scubacorner is an attractive and substantially built mid range capacity corner aquarium suitable for fresh or marine tropical fish. For more information as to the packages available or to buy please click on the link above.

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