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The Diversa Comfort Trio Corner Aquarium

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The Diversa Comfort Trio Corner Aquarium

An interesting corner aquarium of traditional design from long established Polish manufacturers Diversa (previously Akwa-Rynkar), the Comfort Trio is available in two capacities; 70 litres and 152 litres.  Both models come in  a sleek black finish with optional hood and cabinet.  We'd recommend purchasing the set if you fancy this one.  It's important to have a strong, well fitted cabinet to support your corner aquarium and as with most models of this type, the available cabinet is custom built to complete an attractive corner feature.
The 70 litre model is ideal for the smaller room.  Measuring up at 57 x 57 x 124 cm this set, although borderline for marine use, will accomodate a good selection of freshwater fish.  The larger 152 litre model measures 72 x 72 x 124 cm and will need a bigger space.  It's ideal for both freswater and marine tropicals and is worth a look if you're on a budget.
The cabinet is robustly constructed and provides a handy space for all those odds and ends that most aquarium keepers accumulate.  It also provides useful accommodation for an external filter if you're that way inclined.
The hood for the smaller tank comes fitted with a single 15w T8 fluorescent tube and the larger model features two similar tubes.  As you'll know from our Corner Aquariums Compared feature, T8 tubes tend to be less efficient than their T5 equivalents but that alone shouldn't rule out the Diversa Comfort Trio.  In fact, your biggest difficulty may be locating an aquarium as they aren't widely available in the UK at present.  You can often pick one up at a decent price on eBay though.  Just check the link above to see what's available.
And don't forget, when you budget you'll also need to make allowance for heating and filtration as the Comfort doesn't come already supplied with these.  For a good external filter we'd recommend the appropriately sized model from the Fluval 06 range.  We like external filters as they maximise the internal tank space and can be conveniently stored in the cabinet below the tank.  Couple this with a modern heater from the Fluval E range.  It will heat the tank efficiently while remaining unobtrusive.  

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