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The Aquatlantis Nano Corner Aquarium

The Aquantis Nano Corner Aquarium

No longer widely stocked, the Aquatlantis Nano is a smallish 20 litre corner aquarium constructed of quality glass with a capacity suitable for a small number of smaller freshwater tropical or cold water fish. Included is a 12 volt LED lighting system (using 40 leds with a power consumption of 3.2 watts) and an Aqualantis BioBox 2 filter. The BioBox 2 is a compact self contained system providing all necessary biological, chemical and mechanical filtration via foam and carbon filter media with the minimum possible intrusion into the tank space. Please note however that the aquarium is not supplied with a heater. For tropical fish 25 watts is the minimum rating required - the Fluval Edge 25w heater is recommended.

The purpose built cabinet is designed with open shelving and combines with the nano aquarium to create an attractive corner feature for your room.

The aquarium and cabinet comprise a compact unit which measures as follows;

Tank: 45cm wide by 29cm from front to back by 30.3cm high (increasing to
55cm high with the light added)

Stand: 54cm by 36cm by 92cm

Combined: 54cm by 36cm by 147cm

Happy hunting!
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