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The Aqua One Windsor 66 Corner Aquarium

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Light Wood Finish
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The Aqua One Windsor 66 Corner Aquarium

Now becoming increasingly difficult to find in the UK - your best bet is probably a pre-owned model -  the Aqua One Windsor 66 Corner Aquarium was Aqua One's entry into the 180 litre capacity class. Both tank and matching cabinet feature an attractive beech finish in a deep space saving design to provide a striking focal point for your room.

Ideal for both freshwater and marine tropical fish, the tank itself is constructed of 10mm floated glass to minimise distortion while the body of the cabinet is of medium strength fibre board for quality and security. There is ample space in the cabinet to store the aquarium filter along with all the usual bits and bobs associated with a corner fish tank. In addition the hood can be opened up to allow ample access for routine maintenance.

The tank comes supplied with a 2x24w T5 lighting system and 200 watt aquarium heater while filtration is by way of the included 1050 Advance Model Filtration System. This is an external pressurised canister filter system which is stored in the cabinet below the tank for minium intrusion. The 1050 is a high quality filter noted for its quiet operation and offering both biological and mechanical filtration. Essentially the tank and cabinet come as a full ready to use set and you won't need anything else apart from decor and ornamentation of your choice.

The Windsor is no longer widely available however and we'd suggest that if you're looking at an AquaOne aquarium in this capacity range the Juwel Trigon 190 is probably a better bet.

The Windsor's aquarium and cabinet dimensions are;

Tank; 93cm wide by 66cm front to back by 70cm high

Cabinet; 93cm by 66cm by 76cm

Combined; 93cm by 66cm by 146cm

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A Tropper
9 June 2013

I purchased a Windsor 66, 24 months ago, i was quite pleased with this aquarium until i was awoken two days ago to the sound of rushing water.One entering lounge ifound new wooden flooring under water and the windsor 66 with a crack from one side to the other.Since this paticular aquarium is no longer made i suggest the reason is obvious.I would strongly suggest steering clear ofthis model.

R Burns
9 January 2015

I've had a Windsor 66 for over five years now and I wouldn't change a thing. Its been through three house moves with me and each time I ensure that it is installed on a stable, flat floor and it has never cracked. I am still running the original pump, supplied with it but did have to replace the lighting unit after the plastic tube fittings became brittle and cracked. An excellent aquarium!
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