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The Aqua One UFO 550 Corner Aquarium

The Aqua One UFO 550 Corner Aquarium

With a capacity of 78 litres the dimensions of the Aqua One UFO 550 are less than many corner aquariums. This makes it ideal for the smaller room where a 180 or 350 litre tank might be rather dominating (although that of course is the goal of some enthusiasts!).  Sadly however, this once widely available aquarium is becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Have a look at the 70 litre version of the Diversa Comfort Trio as a viable alternative and consider an external filter to reduce clutter in the tank and increase the free swimming area.

The UFO 550 is probably borderline for keeping marine fish if you lack experience - the Juwel Trigon 190 or Fluval Venezia 190 have a better capacity - but its size is ideal for freshwater tropicals and in spite of the smaller volume there is a considerable amount of room internally thanks to the external filter which in this case is unusually located in the tank hood. As far as filter intrusion is concerned, this is limited to the intake pipe which projects downwards into the tank.

The aquarium's appearance is certainly striking the smooth black finish perfectly complementing the tanks brightly coloured inhabitants.

Here at we've had a UFO 550 set up as a freshwater community tank since 2009 and it has performed admirably for that purpose. It's situated in the otherwise unlit corner of a room measuring 12 by 15 feet which contains a fair amount of furniture and the size is ideal for the location. Since its installation it has provided a continual talking point - all life is there in the community corner aquarium - and there have been no difficulties with either the maintenance or performance of the tank.

Before setting up the aquarium we thought the idea of the filter contained in the hood seemed a little gimmicky and were prepared to instal an internal filter if it proved not to be up to the job. However experience has shown these concerns to have been unfounded. As well as providing more than adequate filtration for the tank's capacity the filter is quiet in operation and compared to an internal filter, cleaning is a breeze. The water from the tank is trickle filtered through fitted pads which provide mechanical filtration, while the biological and chemical aspects are attended to by ceramic noodles and activated carbon pellets. Access for cleaning is easily obtained by removing a lid on the rear portion of the hood without any need to upset the interior of the tank. The intake pipe is relatively inobtrusive and certainly takes up a lot less room than an internal filter would.

The front portion of the hood can be removed conveniently for major tank maintenance, but for day to day management and feeding the hatch situated to the front of the hood gives adequate access. The entire front panel of the aquarium can be cleaned via this hatch using an algae scraper with a long handle and hatch access is also sufficent for siphoning out and replenishing water as part of the regular programme of tank maintenance. Ease of maintenance is certainly one of this corner aquarium's strengths.

The cabinet also is attractively styled with a single door and shelf and contains useful cupboard space for all the odds and ends that go with a corner aquarium. Ours is filled with cleaning implements, an automatic feeder, fish food and a small selection of fishkeeping books.

The UFO 550's dimensions are;

Tank; 86cm wide across the front, 60cm from front to back measured along the sides of the tank and 58cm deep from top to bottom and 58cm
Cabinet; 86cm by 60cm by 72cm

Combined; 86cm by 60cm by 130cm

If this is the size of corner aquarium you're looking for, based on our experience we would have no hesitation in recommending the Aqua One UFO 550. If you feel you need further information check out the UFO 550 instruction manual.

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