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The Aqua One AquaVogue Corner Aquarium

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The Aqua One AquaVogue Corner Aquarium

The Aqua One AquaVogue is a rather special Corner Aquarium.  Available in a stunning white finish it features true state of the art LED lighting for a dazzling display of underwater life.  The light system uses white RGB (colour changing; red green and blue) and blue lighting which will bring out the best in your fish colouring and provide ideal spectrums for underwater plant growth.   Not only that, but the AquaVogue comes equipped with an Ocillaris 850 external filtration system, ensuring top quality water (when properly maintained) and reducing clutter in the tank.  As you'll probably know by now, here at the UK Corner Aquarium Guide we greatly approve of external filtration as not only does it increase the swimming space for the fish, we find it makes regular maintenance much easier and less messy.  For those of us with less self discipline than others it encourages proper and regular filter maintenance to the benefit of all concerned - not least the inhabitants of the aquarium!

The AquaVogue will hold a businesslike 140 litres of water making it suitable for both marine and freshwater tropicals.  It's constructed in glass and comes with a purpose built wooden cabinet in a white gloss finish.  The cabinet is ideal for storing the external filter ensuring the tank and all the trimmings are held in a single self contained unit.  For good measure a glass Aqua One thermostatic heater is included so that once your new Aquavogue arrives - you're ready to go.

The aquarium measures up at 83 x 46 x 55cm and the cabinet at  83 x 42 x 76 giving overall unit measurements of 83 x 88 x 131 - all reasonably compact for the 140 litre capacity.

The Aqua One AquaVogue has been introduced into the same area of the market as the slightly larger Fluval Venezia 190 and Juwel Trigon 190.  If you can live with the lower capacity, and assuming the white finish suits, we think it has the edge on both these tanks;  The Venezia by reason of the lighting system and the Trigon by reason of both the lighting and external filtration.  All in all we think it's a welcome addition to the corner aquarium market.

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